Bringing the screen to life.

Team Epiphany created a series of integrated marketing campaigns for a variety of HBO original shows and films, each aligning with program-specific themes and time periods, various activation disciplines, and unique sets of brand goals.


Team Epiphany zeroed in on the target audience that HBO sought to connect with, and aimed to give them an immersive, tactile experience to mirror their affinity for the brand and its programming.

The revolution will be televised.

American television programming is in the midst of the second—or new—Golden Age of Television. The medium has been elevated to a level of prominence not experienced since the days of early TV innovation, and a level of unparalleled quality. HBO is undeniably the leader of the pack, with much credit of new era’s rise going to brand originals The Sopranos and The Wire.

Beyond the Celluloid.

Leveraging celebrity as a tactic within each program is essential in connecting the target audience with the “real characters” they have developed an emotional bond with and helping build a lasting affinity for the brand that reaches far beyond the screen.

Part of your world.

Weaving subtle motifs and key elements of the pertinent time period into all aspects of each activation creates a wholly immersive experience for true fans and helps them see the essence of their favorite fictional “worlds” updated and elevated to become part of the real world around them.


To celebrate the fifth and final season of Boardwalk Empire, Team Epiphany created and integrated marketing campaign that sought to:


Be an immersive re-introduction to gin contextualized as sophisticated and cool. This had to include both London Dry and Tanqueray Ten.


Bring access to the contemporary designer brands they love but might not be able to purchase locally.


Include a panel discussion with mentors from the fields of fashion and style in order to inform our guests and give them face time with their favorite entrepreneurs.

The Boardwalk Backroom kicked off at The Cecil & Minton’s in Harlem—where a flurry of press, celebrities, and influencer guests participated in a festive Prohibition-era themed evening.

Over 300 guests, including the series’ own star Michael K. Williams, donned Boardwalk-style-attire as they enjoyed custom cocktails, eye-catching burlesque dancing routines, and a soundtrack provided by DJ D-Nice.

Brand ambassadors coyly ushered guests into the Backroom where Margot Bingham—channeling her Boardwalk Empire character, Daughter Maitland—treated them to a private performance. A branded sepia-toned photo booth allowed guests to record their own GIFs and seamlessly share via social media with the help of dedicated hashtag, #BoardwalkBackroom.

Additionally, retail partners in three major markets—Reed Space in NYC, Sir & Madame in Chicago, and Striver’s Row in Atlanta—were activated to provide a unique approach to out-of-home marketing. Each partnership yielded a different collaborative product—including branded flasks and tee shirts—and an in-store event adorned with Boardwalk inspired décor, Heineken, and local tastemakers in tow.

Switching gears at the Sundance Film Festival, Team Epiphany was tasked to create an intimate dinner event in celebration of HBO’s film Bessie, and its dynamic filmmaker, Dee Rees.

Tastemakers, actors, and film executives came together for #BessieSupper at Table One, where they were joined by the filmmaker for an interactive cocktail hour adorned with 1920s-themed décor, handcrafted custom drinks, and an ambiance reminiscent of the film.

Following an exclusive screening of the film’s highlight reel for a lucky group of guests, a candid “Inside the Actor’s Studio”-type conversation ensued, followed by a four-course meal, and reception.

With several more event program executions on deck, Team Epiphany—in the same vein as HBO—shows no signs of slowing down.


Eight on-target blogger partners were tapped to recap The Boardwalk Backroom event and generate original content to promote the series for two weeks leading up to the final season premiere. This blogger program alone accounted for 4.4MM media impressions.

Over 45 guests enjoyed the #BessieSupper activation, leaving with a Lomo’Instant camera and communication cards that helped celebrate and share the film experience over social media, garnering over 590k impressions.

Press included mentions in Rolling Out, Stupid Dope, & Global Grind

Likes and Comments on Instagram Alone
Press Coverage Impressions
Social Media Impressions through sharing photobooth gifs
Total activation social impressions

The Bottom Line:

As HBO continues to lead the charge into the new Golden Age of Television, Team Epiphany seeks to bring premium, beyond-the-screen experiences to an ever-expanding target audience and connect wholly with a loyal band of devotees.



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