A Premium Promise.

Team Epiphany’s strategy team delivered a network against Heineken’s Man of the World (MOTW) demographic in response to the brand’s desire to reposition as a lifestyle —complete with a wide breadth of programs and activations tailored to his needs and aesthetic.

Over the course of five years, Team Epiphany’s strategy grew from the launch of multicultural-specific programing to initiatives spanning premium brand collaborations, special events, industry build-outs, video productions, social media activations, and formalized pouring opportunities. Each program was sustained by Team Epiphany, and contributed to the image crossover of Heineken in the lifestyle space.


After honing in on our target – the multicultural millennial male – Team Epiphany developed a set of core insights to bring to the table.

Lifestyle Immersion & Emergence:

Our target consumer—the ever-evolving Man of the World—adopts lifestyle brands. In discerning his purchases, he does not buy products—he buys a narrative. In capturing this target, Heineken must succeed in creating a cohesive brand world and delivering on the bottle’s promise of “Premium”; making the MOTW feel immersed along the way.

Catering to the man of the world

Aligning with the Man of the World’s different consumer touch points—from city- living, to soccer, to travel—allows Heineken to speak authentically to the target in a way that no other brand has been able to master. By taking a disruptive approach to initiatives, and intex markers; Heineken activates against his passion points through a lens of contemporary culture.

Strength in Frequency:

Heineken has the power to show up in spaces where other beer brands cannot—an especially important task when appealing to a target consumer with a short attention span. Entire event programs and over 100 pouring opportunities per year have been born of the ability to show up in a wide variety of places along the cultural spectrum. From influencer social channels, to hyper-local retailers.


Aligning directly with the man of the world meant integrating the brand into the target’s most beloved cultural touchpoints, and doing it in an unwaveringly organic way.

Team Epiphany’s Heineken activations have spanned over five years servicing a plethora of brand needs. From carefully crafting collaborative lifestyle products and influencer programs, to making a splash with distributors for a real world business impact, Team Epiphany and Heineken have succeeded in achieving authenticity within the brand space in the U.S, and always getting there first.

Along with orchestrating over 100 pouring opportunities per year, Team Epiphany executed the influencer-led Heineken Friends + Family (#HKNFF) program. The multi-city event series spanned two years as it sought to reposition the brand amongst multi-cultural beer drinkers in key US markets, such as New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Houston. Event styles ran the gamut of upscale summer barbecues, scenic loft affairs, and elegant holiday parties—all with Heineken front and center for the celebration.

In an effort to attain true lifestyle brand status for Heineken, Team Epiphany conceived and executed the #Heineken100 Program: a product collaboration and seeding initiative that connects the brand to influential consumers with a penchant for style and innovation—organically engineering brand consideration and lifestyle media placements.


Press highlights were featured in: GQ, Complex, Details, Esquire, PSFKHypebeast, Yahoo, Nylon Guys, and Highsnobiety

Social Impressions for #Heineken100 Program in 2014
#Heineken100 Press Impresisons
#HKFF Impressions Overall, 2013
#HKFF Impressions overall in 2014, 33%+

The Bottom Line:

Team Epiphany has played a strong role in Heineken’s elevation as a lifestyle brand, ensuring success across all executions by paying the consumer the respect he deserves—before and better than any other brand.



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