Tanqueray is a liquid
that has long been popular in the US,

but has lost the interest of the millennial market and faced challenges in relevancy in the face of competitors like Hendrick’s and Bombay Sapphire. Until we stepped in.

Team Epiphany was tasked with developing a comprehensive experiential program that triples as a content house for social media and a vehicle for influencer and celebrity endorsement.

The result? The Tanqueray Trunk Show.


After honing in on our target – the multicultural millennial male – Team Epiphany developed a set of core insights to bring to the table.

Entrepreneurs are the new rock stars.

With the rise of individual empowerment, our target doesn’t grow up wanting to be just a designer, musician or a filmmaker but rather a personal brand. They want to follow in the footsteps of artists like Jay-Z and Diddy who have risen above their original claim to fame in order to become destinations for holistic lifestyle content.

Style is a gateway Tanqueray has a right to own.

After establishing a particularly fashion-forward campaign strategy in the 1990s, unlike most other gins, Tanqueray can organically play in the space of men’s fashion. It was now our job to reconnect this stylish brand to a generation that grew up on Hypebeast and Style.com – discerning, individualistic and particularly savvy. Because of this, our consumer in Detroit or Houston knows what brands like Public School, Visvim or Acronymn are – but they don’t have access to them locally.

Mentorship is lacking.

Our target has big dreams and potentially the talent to achieve them. What few have, however, is someone older and experienced to actually help coach them through life’s tricky business decisions.

So what does it all mean?

If, as a brand, Tanqueray could deliver stylish Mentored Access to our core consumer in six key markets, we knew we’d be able to win big.


The result of our insight work was a brand platform designed to:


Be an immersive re-introduction to gin contextualized as sophisticated and cool. This had to include both London Dry and Tanqueray Ten.


Bring access to the contemporary designer brands they love but might not be able to purchase locally.


Include a panel discussion with mentors from the fields of fashion and style in order to inform our guests and give them face time with their favorite entrepreneurs.


Conclude with a surprise and delight performance and party to reward our consumers for daring to be different and expressing interest in Tanqueray’s brand proposition.

And so the Tanqueray Trunk Show was born.

A traveling panel-cocktail party hybrid that gave guests the chance to experiment with Dim Sum-style Tanqueray Ten cocktail menus, meet some of their favorite branded businesspeople, see an intimate performance from a hip-hop star and even leave with a free garment to remember it all by. Pop-up shops from Striver’s Row, Black Apple and KITH were erected in each event space for guests to shop in and select a garment to leave with.

We activated in six markets; New York City, Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit and Houston, with special performances by Common (NYC, Chicago, Houston + Detroit), Ryan Leslie (Atlanta), & Just Blaze (Washington, DC).

Our panel of brand advocates consisted of Maxwell Osborne of CFDA Award Winning fashion brand Public School and streetwear staple Black Apple, Jason Geter of Striver’s Row, Akoo and Grand Hustle Records, Ronnie Fieg of KITH NY, and DJ MOS, resident DJ and panel participant.


Tanqueray Trunk Show’s celebrity and influencer partnerships commanded a combined social reach of 45.6m impressions.

We used this to our advantage by leveraging all participants in the program to direct traffic to Tanqueray’s Twitter and newly re-launched Instagram page, both of which are community managed by Team Epiphany.

As a result, we grew Tanqueray’s communities by 200% over the course of three months. We also partnered with Sunflower Man to design the social and on-site visual identity for Tanqueray Trunk Show, rendered in elegant watercolor for a supremely distinct look and feel.

Press included hits in Huffington Post, The Source, Complex, The Hundreds.

Social following increase over 3 months
On-target customers in each of the six markets
Press Impressions
Total consumer reach

The Bottom Line:

Tanqueray Trunk Show was a holistic property for Tanqueray created by Team Epiphany that allowed the gin to completely own style and entrepreneurship as brand pillars while establishing a visual, digital and experiential center completely unique within the spirits space.



Tanqueray Trunk Show

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Tanqueray is a liquid that has long been popular in the US, but has lost the interest of the millennial market and faced challenges in relevancy in the face of...