Water brands aren’t typically known for envelope-pushing marketing ideas but our #evianBottleService program in the summer of 2014 took water delivery to a whole new level.

We began our Twitter push in New York City from Aug. 19 to 21 under the hashtag #Evianbottleservice, targeting consumers in city parks like Bryant Park and Madison Square Park at hot times of day.

To participate in the program, thirsty consumers in those specific areas had to use the hashtag to tweet a message to @evianwater describing their current location and requesting the evian delivery. We assembled a war room of community managers to respond to the tweets, triggering a team of brand ambassadors on the streets to deliver a bottle of water within five to seven minutes to each participant. We also employed a strategic paid media strategy with Promoted Tweets to target ZIP codes around the neighborhoods to amplify the real-time efforts.
Before the campaign launched, we teased it via social media on Aug. 15, earning 147 followers per day through Aug. 21. The number of new followers represents an 11X increase from the same time period in July 2013.
There were 3.5 times more daily mentions of the brand between Aug. 15 to 21 compared to competitors. And, the engagement on tweets passed the benchmark for CPG brands by 80 percent. Overall, 2.8 million impressions and 75,000 engagements were generated on Twitter and a huge success for evian.