As a brand intrinsically bound by the pillars of family, culture, and history, Chevrolet wanted to create a special event to celebrate the mothers and fathers that “drive” this generation. Tapping into the rich cultural ties Team Epiphany tapped into their rich cultural ties within New York City, ultimately leading to the creation of event series lead by original content.


With premiere video content created by We Are Not Pilgrims, the Chevy Sons + Daughters program developed a unique, personal, and thought provoking take on the auto giant. The Sons + Daughters series consisted of three pieces surrounding Mothers Day and Fathers Day, comprised of one long form and two short films. Selected influencers were given a Chevy and sent on a trip to capture nostalgia and personal history as they drove through their native New York streets with their parents. Pairs included father and son team Armand Bartos and Stretch Armstrong; as well as father and daughter duo Futura & Tabatha McGurr.


To boost organic support from the media and influencer community, screenings were held at the NYC SoHo House, on both parent holidays, featuring the short documentaries. A brief panel discussion between the cast of influencers and their parents followed, as guests continued to socialize and share their experiences—using the #Chevysons and #Chevydaughters hashtags.


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