To launch the unprecedented partnership that is Major League Soccer x the premium beer Heineken; the brand called upon Team Epiphany to develop a year round experience surrounding the MLS season. Attracting devotees and onlookers alike, these activations continue to generate a unique experience for the sport.

The launch of Heineken Rivalry Week features various activations throughout the soccer season, which highlight some of the league’s most anticipated matchups of the year.

Team Epiphany shadowed Heineken’s commitment to bringing fans closer to the game, by generating nationwide touchpoints, and events, thus elevating the match- day experiences in unique ways. Elements include producing viewing parties in certain MLS team markets, and the continuation of a one-of- a kind Heineken House as seen in NYC’s meatpacking district. More so, the Heineken House in itself features immersive activities such as an interactive kicking stations, an MLD Fan photo booth, and a soccer photo exhibit.

Social media impressions continue to be generated as iconic game commentators and DJ’s, such as Cobi Jones, Brian Dunseth, Stretch Armstrong, and DJ Wonder, lead the Heineken House. All aggregating mindshare, and standing in the conversation of MLS. 


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